Minerva service provides all the functionality needed for managing the information about all the Technical Communicators community events and organization around the world. Use it to collect info about events near to you, and attend them. You can also build some nice app basing on these data.

API Reference


Using this endpoint you can create new event or search for existing ones



Find events by name or other values. If no query params are set, it returns all the events.


Create new event or organization data.




Retrieve data of single event or organization


Delete specified event or organization


Updating specific event or organization. It is so called partial update, which means you need to provide only attributes that you want to edit or add

Getting conference events for 2016

Minerva service exposes its API contract using RAML specification. Thanks to it, you can generate a JavaScript client that you will later use in your code. This is what is done in this tutorial, first you create a REST client and then you make proper API calls using it


To get from the server only conference events from 2016 you need to request data with a proper query parameter. The type attribute defines if it is a conference that will take place in 2016.

confEvents = minervaService.events.get(null, {
  query: {
    'q': 'type:"Conference 2016"'

Now once you have the list, grab it with some code

confEvents = confEvents.body;

Now extract only conferences that will occure in Poland.

confsInPoland = [];


  if(conf.address.indexOf('Poland') !== -1) {




MinervaWas the Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy.

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